Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Some Fresh Ass GIF's for My Friends

Only six gif's but I think you guys will find them amusing. (Jamaican kid trying to dagger has gotta be my favorite one)

Sunday, December 25, 2011

PEOPLE ARE AWESOME - Insane feats and stunts

This shit is amazing. Like..seriously. The video is an assortment of various stunts, tricks and other mind blowing feats. There are insane sports tricks and shots, bike/motorcycle stunts (a dude even does a double back flip on a razr scooter..) and just mastery of the human body in general. The people in this video have got to be either fearless or just senseless. Probably a good combination of both actually. The monk at 3:06 has got to be my favorite. It's a buddhist monk doing a gymnastics type handstand but only using one finger on each hand. The song you hear playing is "MECHA LOVE" by Hadouken. If anyone has any clue if any of these are fake i'd love to be informed through the comments section. We sure are a crazy ass generation.

B.o.B - Strange Clouds ft. Lil Wayne

Recently BoB and Lil Wayne released a song together called Strange Clouds. I am in no way a BoB (aka Bobby Ray) fan but I've gotta admit this song is pretty fkin sweet. The beat reminds me of an almost dubstep inspired hip hop vibe. BoB murders it both in terms of lyrics and his flow. Some very clever word play in there for sure. Lyrics are posted right underneath this for those of you who love to read along as you hear the lyrics. Lil wayne is nothing amazing in this song..but then again i've never been a Lil Weezy fan so maybe that's just biased.

B.o.B ft. Lil Wayne - Strange Clouds Lyrics:
You be on that minor league 
But we smoke professionally 
I do my job exceptionally 
On Point like a decimal is 
And when I ride on the beat 
I beat up the street 
It's done so effortlessly 
So n*iggas can't sleep on me 
There's no inception in this B*tch 
I'm top Chef 
You top stub 
And I'm top shelf 
No last call 
Tell the bartender 
"What you got left" 
Pour it up 
Don't stop there 
Hold your cup 
Take a shot 
All night we celebrate 
'Cause we everywhere 
And you not there 


Ha, all we do is pour it up all night 
Drinks up 
All we do is light it up all night 
All we see is strange clouds strange clouds 
All we do is pour it up all night 
Drinks up 
All we do is light it up all night 
All we see is strange clouds strange clouds 


Blue kids I'm faded 
Minding my own cages 
Smokin' on that song 
You hot as

Team Fortress 2 Ripoff

Would you believe that after all steam's hardwork some people in China are making a ripoff of the amazing Team fortress 2?  The game is called "Final Combat" ..yeah real original guys. The link to view this game is here i'd also check out videos on youtube.http://kotaku.com/5812722/meet-final-combat-chinas-shameless-team-fortress-2-rip+off Pretty RAGE FACE eh..